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Organic Carpet Cleaning

 Top Reasons Why Your Family Should Only Use Green and Organic Carpet Cleaning Products

green cleaning gainesville floridaWhen you clean your home, using earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products is probably a high priority for you. But what about when someone else is cleaning your home, such as a professional carpet cleaning company? Well, in the past you may have had to compromise on your cleaners, but not anymore. There are green carpet cleaning companies out there who use safe, environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Read on to learn about the importance of green carpet cleaning products and how to find professional carpet cleaning services that use them.

Of course, a lot of people say they’re green, but how can you be sure their carpet cleaning service is environmentally friendly. There are two important questions to ask: are if their cleaning products are biodegradable and do they contain low VOC and PH levels?

What does biodegradable mean?

Numerous organizations may toss around the expression “biodegradable,” yet what does it truly mean? In the most straightforward terms, biodegradable means the item can be deteriorated over into essential segments by normally happening microorganisms. This regularly implies that the item doesn’t contain a considerable measure of excessively unpredictable or unsafe chemicals.

What are VOCs?

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals which are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids – some of which may have short-term or long-term health effects. VOCs are used in many household products, including cleaning products, paints and lacquers, building materials, craft materials such as glues and permanent markers, and pesticides.

Amassings of VOCs are by and large much higher inside than outside; the potential for VOCs to unfavorably affect your health is about ten times as likely inside than outside. Some health impacts that can happen from VOCs typically found inside the home incorporate dizziness, visual disorders, headaches,eye irritation, respiratory tract irritation and memory impairment. Albeit no long haul examination has been done, numerous natural mixes are known not cancer in creatures, and some are known to cancer in people.

What does Low pH mean?

The pH scale is a unit of measure to tell if a synthetic is a corrosive, an antacid or neutral, and the pH level of a cleaning item shows its centralization of hydrogen or hydroxide particles. The pH scale keeps running from 0 to 14, with seven being the number for neutral solutions. Acids have a pH somewhere around 0 and 7; alkalies have a pH somewhere around 7 and 14. It may appear like the higher pH level a cleaning item has, the better it cleans, yet this is really a long way from reality. 

The pH scale builds power by tenfold with each number it moves far from seven. 7 is the pH of water, 0 is the pH of sulfuric acid, and channel cleaner has a pH of 14. At the point when searching for a cleaning item, don’t utilize items with a pH lower than 4 or higher than 10, as they can be destructive to your skin, as well as to whatever you’re cleaning as well.

In general, if a company touts their product as having “low pH levels” they probably actually mean the product has a pH level between 4 and 10.

Whether looking for cleaning products for your own home or looking for a company to do cleaning inside your home, it’s important to always check the VOC and pH levels in all cleaning products. Do this and you can ensure you are using the safest products possible around your family.

organic carpet cleaning gainesville fl

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