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Is Steam Cleaning The Best Method To Clean Your Area Rugs?

area rug cleaning gainesville flArea rugs are known for the edge they add to a room. They bring texture, color and a warm feel to the environment in which they are laid. They are, however, subjected to heavy foot traffic and this would also mean they are susceptible to spillages, odours, dust, dirt and droppings. The challenge is finding a carpet cleaning agency that will exercise maximum care and ability to clean the rugs leaving them sparkling clean and smelling fresh. There has been an issue about area rug cleaning. The concern revolves around the cleaning methods of the rug. Is steam cleaning the best for your area rugs? Experts and majority opinions seems to agree that steam cleaning is not but deep cleaning is recommended. 

They seem to suggest that deep cleaning is the best option for area rugs, carpet cleaning foam should be applied to clean comprehensively. Dry cleaning is an option floated for area rugs too. Steam does not do a good job of cleaning rugs as other quarters opined. In fact hot water is suggested for cleaning instead of steam. The problem with stain cleaning is that stains reappear after a short time as opposed to methods like dry cleaning which use effective compounds and application solutions which remove dirt and eliminate odours. Tough stains would thrive in steam cleaning while deep or dry cleaning would rid difficult stains and spillages. The biggest reason why steam cleaning is approached with skepticism is that it is an ineffective method of cleaning dirt which has accumulated. 

Area rugs can be made from any material. There is a different way of cleaning each type of material so that it is not ruined. For Oriental and woven area rugs are cleaned the same way they one would clean woolen area rugs. Most of these rugs are antique and special; care should be taken when one is cleaning them. A nylon screen should be placed on top of the rug or a nylon mesh placed over the vacuum attachment. With these kind of rugs direct exposure to the sun makes them fade, losing their colour and appeal. Established carpet cleaning businesses should have facilities which take care of these sensitive rugs. 

For grass and sisal area rugs, stains should be scrubbed with a soft bristled brush. These natural fibered rugs should be washed and dried very quickly as water weakens the fibers, to protect the life of such a rog, it should be dried immediately after cleaning. A towel should be placed over the wet area and the cleaned area should be blotted and dried rapidly. This is how carpet cleaners ought to take care of natural fiber rugs.

Unscented talcum powder should be shaken on fur and hair-on hides rugs and left for several hours. The powder should be brushed off and this procedure repeated several times. To clean this kind of rug, a clean cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water lathered in soap is used. This should be enough to wipe out any spills and accumulated dirt. Rinsing should be done with a cloth soaked in clean water and the rug left to dry. 

These are the most common types of area rugs and any area rug cleaning venture by a carpet cleaning business should consider safety of the material of which they are cleaning. The primary goal is to leave the rugs clean but due consideration given to the life and state of the rug or carpet. The quality of the rug must be maintained throughout.

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